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ZAP FIRE is a 10-year provider of critical solutions of Electronic Security surveillance, Fire & Safety systems to our customers. In addition to achieving excellence & Experience Business Partner levels, Integration Systems maintains strategic relationships with a variety of leading technology and services providers, a critical enabler in our ability to consistently deliver best-in-class technology solutions for our clients. In support of our Pan India customer base, ZAP FIRE has corporate offices in Gurgaon, Hyderabad & Bangalore.

As a company, ZAP FIRE is proud of the fact that we consistently deliver the right solution for the challenges at hand… We are not ‘box-sellers’. We strive to never sell technology without tangible benefit to our customers. The entire organization’s goal is to help clients minimize the challenges and risks associated with the entire safety infrastructure, and the team works hard to help our customer base address the risks, costs, and challenges that reside outside of the initial hardware purchase. Our company consistently delivers on the major benefits of technology solutions: lowering costs, raising productivity, showing tangible ROI, and mitigating risk.

ZAP FIRE is a specialized service provider for Electronic Security Surveillance, Fire Detection & Suppression System.

Our highly-efficient, experienced team of subject matter expert are dedicated to support our customers through delivering on-time and on-budget solutions. Backed by our maintenance and service support team you can be assured that we would secure and protect your investment for a longer span of time.

  • Great
    Customer Care

    At ZAP FIRE we believe in good customer service & building good relationships with our customers. We try maintain positive, helpful and friendly environment that ensures happy end client with desired services

  • Awesome
    Features Pack

    We are expert in maintaining critical infrastructure with our awesome AMC proposal

  • Quick
    Response Time

    We understand gravity of faults & concerns with critical infrastructure and we claim to be best in response & at any hours of the clock.

  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems

True value creation

In our opinion critical infrastructure really does matter, FIRE & SAFETY is an umbrella term for the laws, rules, guidance and processes designed to help protect employees, the public and the environment from harm. At the heart of this concept is our belief that we are committed to deliver best in class solution to our valued clients in most efficient manner in terms of functionality, cost, time, commitment, and ethics and zero percent tolerance to the safety of employees & assets.

ZAP Fire has deep experience in Fire & safety, where we continue to deliver best in class technology, to some of the largest organization globally. Experience deploying solutions in the most critical environments in the world. And ability to help our entire customer base design, deploys, and manages mission-critical infrastructures across nearly every major industry vertical in India and abroad. We specialize in helping customers build the safe and fault tolerant fire & safety environment.

ZAP FIRE is one of dedication to excellence, loyalty, opportunity for our employees, service and value for our customers, and growth and success in our business. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved!

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Pre-Action System

With sprinkler systems still in use for many larger applications, ......



From simple access control applications to enterprise-wide implementations........


Fire Hydrant System

The Fire Hydrant System is an active fire protection measure. A well designed & well laid........


CCTV Solutions

Backed by the support of our experienced professionals in this domain, we have ........


How We are most efficient

Latest technology

We at ZAP FIRE admire latest technological advancements and implement the same in our work & Engineering practises.

Cost effective

We offer most competitive & cost-effective solutions keeping the quality of work & utility intact and nothing less than best industrial standard. where the benefits and usage are worth at least what is paid for them.


We follow zero tolerance in business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial concerns, such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities.

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